Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moving On...

Remember, not that long ago when we moved from this...

to this...

...well, it must be a year or so because we're moving again! Yes, Loveridge Towers will be moving approximately two hundred metres from the first house. Kind of makes you wonder why we moved in the first place....ahem...

 I do love the functionality of our current home but I can't shake the feeling of being near the water. So, crane your neck and you too can enjoy a peep of the harbour from our new home. Actually, it's teeny so just one at a time perhaps...

We did actually finish the renovation I started to chronicle, but I struggle to find a decent photo. Truth be known, I struggle to find a room tidy enough to photograph.

Mmmm, that rug's gone and I would like to find those cushions again...

Arabella's Room

Girls' Playroom

Guest Room

Master Bedroom...mental note to close drawers properly in future...

So, it's kinda busy getting ready to move...so I threw a photo shoot in the mix, because I don't like things to be too easy. Tomorrow. Sanity wavering, oh yes!

All photos my own.


  1. Wow, talk about keeping life busy! You did have me confused with your comment a while back - so it makes more sense now. And glad to know we aren't the only ones who hop, skip and jump at random. (We once moved 2 streets away - the removalists asked if we wanted to hire wheelbarrows instead of a truck. Cheeky!)

    Can understand the "glimpse" of water fascination. Although it looks considerably more than a glimpse, and sounds utterly charming. Good luck with the move. Your "current" house looks gorgeous, and I have no doubt the new one will look fabulous in impossibly short time. xx

    1. Thanks Virginia...I really appreciate your kind words. I had avoided unveiling our latest whacky plans but I know we'll be really happy in there. We will need to be happy as it rather small!

  2. Your home is gorgeous, and I know your new home will look just as stunning. I love the Quadrille fabric on the chair in your guest room! Good luck with the move. x

  3. Hello Annie:
    Well, you really are gluttons for punishment! But that said, we can understand your wish for a view of the harbour.

    In Brighton we have direct sea views and never tire of them.

    1. I really do miss looking over the water...we currently look out to the Sky Tower (Auckland's tallest building) and disco lights just don't provide the same sense of calm! Your Brighton views must be lovely...such a beautiful spot. Thank you.

  4. Amazing the difference a rug can make! Gorgeous. x

  5. p.s.. LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair in your guest room. Amy x