Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy New Year

I suspect I will be the last blogger in town with that title this year! At least it's still January right?
I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year, and for those down under, are enjoying our hot summer and surviving the school holidays. 

I am slowly getting my head back from here...

...and exercising off 4 weeks of hanging out at the buffet breakfast!

We were very fortunate to have a lovely holiday - in Singapore for the Christmas lights, then Christmas on Bin Tan Island - with my husband's family and all the children's cousins.

We visited friends afterwards, back in Singapore, and the kids had a blast at all the fun parks Singapore has to offer. My nerves are still recovering...

Mum, Dad and two wired children then headed for another 10 days of doing absolutely nothing - my type of holiday!

Living here, at the bottom of the world, it is nice to get away and experience new food, languages and cultures. A special treat for me in Asia is the gardens...all those lush greens and layers. Even the hotel gardens were beautifully tended...

I can't tell you how much all that symmetry appeals to my - worsening - sense of order!

The Botanical gardens in Singapore are a whole other blog post - albeit torture to younger members of our family - until we stumbled across this chappie...

In fact, I think the only type of tree my children were interested in the whole trip was this one...

Candylicious...you trying saying NO to your child when this is the entrance...

I think when things get busy it is so easy to just get through the day and the joy is lost.
It was so nice having time - just time really - to relax and not have to rush from A to B.

And so I start 2013 with all the right motives! Long may it last for us all x.


  1. A four week holiday??? Ye Gods, you know how to get the work/life balance thing right Annie! How perfectly brilliant. Love the symmetry of the pond pots too - such a wonderful thing in a garden, contrasted with the curling organic lines of the plants themselves. Nice to see you are back. xx

  2. 4 weeks with an 8 and 9 year old with boundless energy...more a 4 week break! Ah yes balance...that old chestnut! Nice to be back thanks Virginia. Annie x

  3. That looks like an incredible holiday Annie. School goes back for my three girls on Thursday, and that will feel like a holiday for me ;) being able to work uninterrupted. x

    1. Ah Thursday...alas my girls' school is the last in NZ to receive children...Thursday NEXT WEEK is the first full day back...I love my girls but the holidays, they are long! School will be good for everybody I feel.