Friday, August 24, 2012


To all the people who know I can't make all of you who come to my house and say "errr, ummm, no I've just had coffee thank you", may I please present Exhibit 1:

I know, my skills know no bounds!
But seriously, I make notoriously bad coffee. And tea. Ask any builder. After a few days' thinking it's great they're having tea made for them, they start bringing a thermos.

Now, milky coffee many not be your thing, but that first coffee in the morning is a moment of joy to me.
It makes me a better, and certainly nicer, person.
Or so I'm told.

Peter makes the morning coffee and he is the Maestro. So, like the man who has no compelling reason to be good at cleaning, I have never seen the point in usurping his barista skills.
Except I do like a mid morning coffee and for years it has been hit and miss.
Until now.
The coffee Gods have decided it's too painful to watch any more and, suddenly, inexplicably, the coffee is rather good.
Even if I do say so myself.
Because no one else is willing to try.

Anyway, little things and all that, but this achievement has made me very happy.
Enjoy your Friday and have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

Image my own, with pride.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Block NZ

I have just driven past the 4 houses in the current series of The Block New Zealand and they all have Bayleys (Estate Agents) flags flying.
The auction is on Thursday 6 September and as the blurb says "a home of this quality simply will not last".
I hope that doesn't mean it's going to fall down.

Ben and Libby's house

Richard and Sarah's house

Ginny and Rhys...struggled to find a good photo but the view is good!

Rachel and Tyson's house

All the details are on the Bayleys website here.
Oh, and beware the erratic driving along Anzac Road of those having a stickybeak...not me of course!

All images via Bayleys' website.