Monday, May 14, 2012

A Reprieve For My Family

So I steeled myself for the open home on Saturday.
Peter and I just averted divorce as we queued, yes queued, to hand over our first born details to the estate agent, with Peter muttering something along the lines of 'mad' and 'can't afford it'.

Well, all I can say is, whoever took the photographs can take my photo any old time.
They present the home in a very favourable light.
Don't get me wrong, I still love this house, but there is significantly more work to be done than the photos would suggest.
The piles of the house are absolutely shot and, on the top level of the home, Lily said "fun, it's like being on a boat."
In the adjoining ensuite bathroom, or more correctly 'dodgy loo', you could see the slant of the floor from one side to the other.

I spent most of my time walking through wondering if we could really live here until we could start the renovation. Oh, and did I mention the house is listed so that means lots of 'collaborative planning with the council'?
We've done that before.

But the garden is rambling and beautiful; so NOT the perfect green on green garden of its neighbours.
However, my thoughts were confirmed when another viewer walked out and said "$1.0m before you start talking swimming pools."
Tactics, possibly, but my mental calculator had clocked up the same amount. I had just said to Peter, "$1.0m before you sneeze."
It is essentially a rebuild.

So, the reality is, whilst I would love to look after this gracious lady, the budget was blown on about the 3rd room.
The best I can hope for is that someone who really loves this home gets the opportunity to restore it to its previous grandeur.
Oh, well, divorce averted...for now.
Happy Monday. Annie x

Image 1 from here; images 2 - 4 via Barfoot & Thompson.


  1. How funny - I bet going home to your house was a pleasure then. xxx

  2. Hello Annie:
    A great disappointment, yes, but also you are saved from huge anxiety and worry. Some things are just not meant to be!

  3. Well it's probably a blessing in disguise. Saves having to move again so quickly. View fabulous - but sounds like the proverbial money pit! xx

  4. OK, I know you're all right!!! Actually, your comments have really helped me realise that it would be very difficult...not the romantic notion I'm picturing. It has made me look differently at our home - the heating, the level floors, a kitchen with electrical points!

  5. Beautiful! The view is just splendid! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  6. Hello Annie~
    Hope all is well - great t have you stop by my blog recently. The views from this home are stunning - NZ looks sooo gorgeous! xo

  7. Bit of a shame Annie because those photos looked so lovely! It's so easy to get swept up in the romance of a house like this :)

    Abbey x