Monday, May 28, 2012

My Weekend

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Our weekends now involve horses, which means lovely trips out to the countryside.

It's only a 45 minute drive from home to absolute rural bliss for me. I love the autumn colours this time of year and I find it so inspiring being out in the fresh air away from it all.

Past the septic tank, out to the coast!

I spent a lot of time on farms growing up, and I feel absolutely revived after a day up here. It is basic and raw and allows me some 'space' to put things in perspective.

Beware the killer turkeys with their tail feathers up - they are M-E-A-N.

I have been busy lately, working on a new part of my design business...hence my erratic blogging sorry! It has been fun, crazy and scary all at once which is why getting away from the busy-ness of the city and being in the country air is so special.

We are heading off on a family holiday on Wednesday for 10 days, which is a well needed break together. I'll post some pics of the new venture tomorrow but in the meantime, any new fabric orders will be attended to prior to Wednesday, after which they will be processed upon my return on Monday 11 June.

On the home front, we are having our garden transformed while we are away. 'Transformed' from the forest it currently is! The aborists have been in this morning and unearthed this...

...our very own little glimpse of the Sky Tower, and yes, that is a trampoline on the left!

All images my own.


  1. Curious as to what you are cooking up in your business Annie! No doubt it will be a great success, whatever it is.

    And meanwhile, how heavenly this horse riding sounds. Your lucky girls must be getting lessons? xx

    1. Thanks Virginia - that's very kind of you to say. Re the horses...we have entered horse leasing domain. They have been riding for some time and Arabella particularly loves it. I don't like the idea of city pony club and owning is too scary so leasing is a fantastic option. They have lessons up there too so it's a great arrangement. For now!

  2. I love the country too. Although I grew up in Wellington, we spent many long summer's at my cousin's farm in Gisborne - I love the peace and serenity (even as a kid). Your lucky girls, enjoy the horse riding, and your holiday. xxx

    1. How funny Vic...I moved to Wellington when I was 10 and we spent 3 weeks each summer (to escape the Wellington summer), as my mother is from Gisborne. I love Gisborne and those wonderful beaches x.