Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look What Arrived In The Post Today...

I had a much awaited delivery from the Book Depository today...

Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk, the author of my other big favourite, Room For Children. I ordered this as soon as I saw it featured on Diane Bergeron's fab blog, here.

Diane features in the book alongside more than 50 other fabulous and recognisable designers.
You know you're going to love a book that features this room on the back cover; my favourite 'Domino' room...

...and a double page spread...

...and what's a design book without some Quadrille loveliness thrown in? Biased? Me? Yes.

This is going to be another Susanna Salk book that you keep revisiting for inspiration.

I have looked at Nate Berkus' sitting room so many times, I feel like I've been there...which I haven't.

So many beautiful rooms and ideas, many of which you may have seen before, but all in one beautiful book with Susanna's warm approach to make it even better.


  1. What is the fabulous ikat fabric sitting behind the book? Gorgeous!

  2. It's China Seas' Aquarius (Navy Royal). It is a lovely rich ikat. I've had it made into a quilt and bolster cushion on our guest bed.

  3. Hello Annie:
    Oh yes, this looks like just our kind of read. We have made a note and shall seek it out when in Brighton. Unfortunately, the only thing one can rely upon about the Hungarian postal service is that most of the post [except the bills] will go missing!!!

    We love the idea of the 'day bed' arrangement in the middle of the Drawing Room in the first, that has set us thinking.....

  4. One of the fabulous things about online shopping is receiving the parcel in the post! I love books, and have a list of ones I want to get. This books looks gorgeous, and Nate has my black & white rug!!! xxx

  5. Annie this books look fab and yes full of all the interiors we've drooled over in the various shelter mags.....

    But what I love is the stunning ikat fabric in the background.....undoubtedly one of yours from the US

    JWE xx