Friday, May 11, 2012

Awaits a Sympathetic Restoration

Estate agent parlance that is. Of course.
Every time we move I swear I'm never doing this again. Actually I just swear a lot.
But, after a while, the eye wanders.
Better it be houses I suppose.
So I discovered this little gem this morning.

Situated one bay over from where we currently live, St Mary's Bay is the nearest bay on the southern side to the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Our last house bordered St Mary's Bay and we love the eclectic mix of solid Victorian villas and modern architecture. It is walking distance to the waterfront and the city, yet established and elegant.
 It's not edgy inner city okay.

St Mary's Bay homes tend to be on smaller lots than neighbouring Herne Bay, so this property on 936sqm is rare and will be crawling with people at the first open home this weekend.
Lucky are those with elbows.

It has views out to the harbour bridge, although the third photo down will prove that the lens has been put to work on the first two photos. You can also see a glimpse of Selby Square, to the left, which is a fabulous green around which all the houses face.

Lots of lovely features remain...look at those ceilings, floorboards, windows and balcony....with plenty of scope for making it your own.
And if that coffee table were to be left behind, that would be okay with me.

The master bedroom is in the eaves and is a large space with, I imagine, magic views across the marina.

The ground floor living room accesses the garden. Nicely.
Is this room just every designer's dream?
Selfishly, hopefully not...

The floor plan shows that the property is currently in two apartments, but needs some playing around with, so getting the stairs reinstated will be part of the 'sympathetic restoration'.

So, if you're in the area this weekend, you'll see me there. I'll be the one with elbows at the ready...

Wherever you are, I wish you all a very happy weekend. Annie x.

All images via Barfoot & Thompson.


  1. Oh Annie. This is gorgeous! But you have just moved. Could you do it again so soon? But then again...this is a pretty special property. Those French doors onto the garden are fantastic. xx

    1. You have a may kill me. Or the girls will! They love their new home. I'm trying to go by stealth and get them to stop referring to our home as 'new'! This one is special though but I'll have to see how many others share my view. Open homes are the most hideous things. So many people eyeing each other up and scrambling over 'property'. Ugh.

  2. Hello Annie:
    This is a dream. And with, as we now all say, 'sympathetic restoration', could be absolutely wonderful. We are very taken both with its situation and that lovely summery verandah as well as what are clearly very light, open rooms with some marvellous views. But are you really serious?!!

    Good luck this weekend with those elbows!!

    1. In theory, yes. In reality, whereas all I used to see was potential, now I see work and dust. It's just such a pretty home. I see homes that could be made homely again and I just want to 'help'. Maybe I should try the RSPCA! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. That's a pretty amazing property! I think my favourite part is that verandah, and those views. Have a lovely w/end. xxx

  4. What a gorgeous house! The view is just wonderful! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  5. Looks like a dream home to me! Everything about it appeals.


  6. wonderful especielly that dream view... happy Sunday!