Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Auckland Art Gallery

I visited the Auckland Art Gallery on Monday with my daughter's school. It recently re-opened after a major restoration project and it really is a magnificent building. I was absolutely captured by the architecture of the building as much as by the art within.

Choi Jeong Hwa's Red occupies the reflection pool in the forecourt.

The flower sculpture at the entrance was a lovely pop of colour on a dull Auckland day.

This is amazing; Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa's Flower Chandelier is in such contrast to the timber ceiling and glass surrounding it. The "joyful jumble of flowers that spill illuminated from the atrium's ceiling" had the children fascinated.
Not quiet though.

Looking out from underneath the flower chandelier to the city.

New Zealand is a relatively new country; we were officially settled in 1840 so this is no Natural History Museum! Instead it's a wonderful collection detailing our history through art. Some is quite recent, some details the settlement of Europeans in New Zealand. I think it's a beautifully arranged collection of our short past.

There's currently an exhibition on at the gallery entitle Degas to Dali, which is a collection on loan from the National Galleries of Scotland, whilst they conduct their own restorations. We didn't get to see this on Monday but there is the Easter break and school holidays starting Friday to take this in.

"From Monet to Miró, Renoir to Picasso, Magritte to Warhol and Degas to Dalí, discover the legendary skill of 62 international master artists (see the full list here) who revolutionised our way of seeing. Trace the development of modern art from the Realism of the late 1860s via Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism to the birth of Pop in the mid 1950s."

All images my own except 5 from here.


  1. Hello Annie:
    What amazingly wonderful art works. This has been our own, most interesting, private view which we have very much enjoyed. Thank you.

    1. Thank you both - that's very kind of you. I always thought of NZ art as very 'dark' so really enjoyed this collection proving me wrong! Annie x.

  2. How wonderful, I wish I had been there with you. Art history was my favourite subject at school, and when I lived in Wellington I used to go to a lot more galleries and exhibitions. But I did go to a fantastic one here In Napier on Friday night, show-casing the work of 11 local artists - it was a fantastic evening. xxx

    1. I lack any art education but sat listening to the museum staff wishing I'd studied something more interesting than ECON 101 at uni! Next trip north Vic, I'll come along with you! PS my old uni friend Heather McCabe lives in the Bay now and may have been exhibiting. Probably under Heather Wilson? Annie x.

  3. Fabulous photos Annie. And thank you, this was like stepping back through a day of our holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were very impressed with the gallery - and, like you, we were captivated by the red flowers out the front and the giant moving, living (!!) flowers on the ceiling. A place to return again and again, if you are lucky enough to live there, I reckon. VB x

  4. Hello Annie! I've just discovered your blog, Amazing photos! I love visiting new galleries and museums and discovering new artists!

    I'm following!
    Have a great day!