Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Sofa Project

I have been asked by a client to source a new sofa; we've discussed reupholstering the one she has, buying a second hand one to reupholster or having a sofa custom made and covered.
It all got my mind wondering as to what was out there is Trade Me Land (NZ's Ebay)...and I found this...

Okay, it's an odd shape but one that appeals to me. It's also a Minotti (Italy) brand sofa so, it will be well made and, like anything 'European' in New Zealand, it would have retailed at an exorbitant amount over its northern hemisphere price. And the vendor lives nearby.
As if I needed any more justification, I had the husband going "put in $x and see what happens".
You know the rest.

Anyway, I have visions of some shade of this going on it...

Tory Burch's Kitchen in Elle Magazine (Sept 2009)

It's China Seas' Arbre de Matisse Reverse and it's best known for its use by Billy Baldwin for Woodson Taulbee - sorry for the grainy photos!

As the story goes, the fabric design was inspired by the Matisse above the sofa. This photo also appears on the cover of Billy Baldwin Decorates.

As bold as it is, it has good 'ground coverage' making it functional for a sofa; as 'functional' as such a print can be! I just love it though and it needs a large item to carry it.

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter. There was a lot of chocolate going down in our house, including a missing packet of mini cream eggs that may have been hidden by the dog. Or someone else...

Image one vendor's photo; 2 & 3 via Quadrille.


  1. I really like the shape of that sofa - great buying! I'm sure it will look amazing with your choice of fabric.

    Yes, lots of chocolate eaten in this household over the weekend. The Easter Bunny has to be very careful where he hides our eggs, as anything down low is fair game for our dog! :) xxx

    1. Yes, I only figured that one out on Monday! We thought our dog was somewhat 'agitated' and barking at his own shadow. I'm 90% sure the dog is the culprit of the missing cream eggs. 10% says the husband! A x.

  2. These are gorgeous! I adore the gray sofa. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  3. It has the most wonderful shape. No matter what sofa you end up with, I am sure you will put some amazing fabric combo on it which will rock its little socks off. xx