Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We have  BIG school fundraiser coming up this Friday evening. One of those "I'm steering clear of the sponsor's wine this year" type of fundraisers....and who thought vodka jellies were a good starter last year? 

So in support of our fabulous school, Annie Loveridge Interiors is offering this chair to the silent auction. It's covered in Alan Campbell's Saya Gata in Pink with a cushion in China Seas' Lyford Print in Dark Rose

It would add a lovely layer of colour and texture to a girl's bedroom as a study chair; part of the Quadrille Fabrics range, both fabrics are handprinted linen cottons, milled in the USA.

I really hope some fabulous parents at our school see the beauty in this lovely chair or else I shall be loitering embarrassed by the sponsor's bar!
I tend to keep my work totally separate from school so this is a big step for me but it's a good opportunity for me to help our school.
I really do hope it goes to a happy home. 
Fingers crossed! Annie x.

All images Annie Loveridge Interiors Ltd.


  1. I seriously doubt this little beauty will languish unloved at the auction Annie! Gorgeous choice of fabric - very uplifting. Good luck with it! xx

  2. Where do I put my bid?
    Could you get it to me by post ;o)
    I have seen these dinners turn into an embarassment before,
    go easy on the vino! Or have hubby there to escort you home
    at short notice ;o)
    Tania Maree xx

  3. You are such a good Mum - that school must love you. I'm sure your chair will be snapped up, it's gorgeous! I've never had vodka jellies at a school function before, that's hilarious - they can be dangerous!!! I laughed at your comment (on my blog) about your coffee - yet another example of brilliant school Mum. xxx

  4. As someone who knows your work and your school I'd say it will be a perfect fit! Have a great evening, say hi to all from me - and for goodness sake tell them NOT to behave! A x

  5. You are all so kind. Honestly, thank you. I've been having wobbles in design world and your lovely comments have brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you! PS - our school does seem to do a lot of wine fuelled fundraising! A x.

  6. What a lovely combination of fabrics Annie. You will be one popular mum :)

    Abbey x