Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not So Stylish Traveller

Well, hello. I am back but have been too embarrassed to show (not show?) my atrocious lack of fabulous photos from my Vietnam trip.

Apart from silly, those dogs must be very, very hot.

You know those people who travel and post the most amazing photos - think Kelly Wearstler in a rice hat (or Non La to show some cultural appreciation) looking not at all hot and bothered, but like she's in a shoot for Vogue?
Well, that's not me folks.
In fact I can't even find a photo of me so here's one of the view I woke up to each morning...

Actually there are some photos of me lurking somewhere in finest moment was touring a furniture factory in the issued slogan cap (bright red, with my curly mop fighting it all the way) teamed with the requisite paper face mask.
Think SARS circa 2003.
Trying to appear the sophisticated designer was long gone in the 38 degree humidity.
A photographer followed us the whole way and insisted on taking frequent photos (he was very good at side stepping my feet).
I'm sure somewhere last weekend, some Vietnamese people were having a cracking laugh at my expense!

So there will be no beautiful tomes of places well travelled by me.
I may well appear in a health brochure but that will be it I believe.

So here's my photographic expertise...yes, taken from the car and on the phone. Classy, I know.

You think your commute was busy this morning?

My girls find these photos very funny...

So close, I could have reached out the window and helped myself.

...that it's such a shame I missed capturing the chap with a full size refrigerator strapped to himself!

I loved these statue shops dotted along one of the roads out of Ho Chi Minh City; again, I missed the 10ft tall giraffe statue. I did spend a lot of time wondering who was going to buy it and where would they put it???

A shop specialising in old street lights. Again thinking, who is their supplier because they were genuine originals?

And to prove I did get out of the car, the view across Ho Chi Minh City, to the new Bitexco Building (aka Lotus Building) at night.

It was a wonderful trip; I love Vietnam and stayed with wonderful friends I have known since I was about 11. Staying with them and being a part of their lovely family for a few days was wonderful.
Thanks B & B for a very special trip.

Ho Chi Minh has changed so much in the 10 years since I was last there. Some of the quaintness has given way to 'progress' and upmarket western shops, but there's still something very special about this country and its people.

So, back to reality. I'm timekeeper at my daughter's school swim sports tomorrow.
Be afraid...
Then it's her 9th birthday party.
She wants a horse.
I'm off to make a chocolate birthday cake. With a horse on top. Horse, right?

It's so good to be home.
The children survived the Fun Daddy regime.
A tooth came out. It was meant to.
But they all survived without me. I did leave a lot of lists.

I hope you've all had a fabulous week. I enjoyed so many of your posts while I was away so thank you. Annie x.

All images my own.


  1. Annie, that must of been a real adventure for you! And so interesting to see the changes, visit friends and experience the wonderful people of Vietnam.

    It's aways good to do trips like this so you can appreciate all you have at home!
    JWE xx

  2. Welcome back Annie, sounds wonderful. It's incredible what they can strap on to those little motorbikes! Did you bring lots of treasures home, I'm dying to know what the shopping was like. xxx

  3. You are so brave......
    I don't know if I could do a trip like this by myself.
    We need shopping pics......
    TM xx