Monday, March 5, 2012

My Weekend

Okay, so my spray painting efforts were thwarted by a 'weather bomb' this weekend. Spray cans and gale force winds are not a good combination. I was however called by Fran, who has made all the blinds in our house, to say that the quilts and bolsters I had ordered were ready for pick up...only a week after delivering the fabrics. Yes, she is fabulous!

So here's a peak at the work in progress that is our house. I've been holding off posting anything as we're in that stage where things look worse than when we started! The painters are painting the roof today and the back garden is piled in patio furniture. So, bear with me here...cushions are yet to arrive, lampshades yet to be recovered, but I am so happy with Fran's beautiful work that I wanted to show you...

We're going green in the master bedroom...

A bit of a switch out from the 'Tomato and Gold' we started with but I am deliriously happy with the green. It is calming and uplifting at the same time, and I love it.

The fabric is New Batik by China Seas in New Jungle New Brown and it's one of those fabrics that looks so fabulous on larger items. I've used it in turquoise in the girls' playroom and it's gorgeous.

I am having a wingback chair reupholstered and some cushions made in Nitik II by China Seas, a smaller scale print in the same colour.

The guest room is looking a little bare awaiting a painting to be hung and some lampshades recovered...those ones you can see piled up on the RHS! This bed was to be a target of the spray can but was given a reprieve. The chair is in Quadrille's Kazak and the bolster and quilt are in China Seas' Aquarius in Navy Royal.

Lily's room...well under 25 stuffed toy elephants is her new quilt and bolster. It's all looking a little bland with the one fabric but there's some new bedlinen and yellow cushions on the way.

Sorry for the photo camera has croaked and I can't find the guarantee - argh - so these are phone quality.

Oh, and the time freed up by the weather bomb meant I sorted out my office...

Well, as much as I ever will...I do love my desktop though...

...and I'm calling this tidy...for today...

So there it is, work in progress. I have asked the painters to paint our back deck white and am somewhat concerned it may be blinding. The garden chap said "I've never seen that done before" and I don't seem to be able to find any images to back up my plan. What is that telling me?

I figure if it looks dreadful, I'll call it primer. Annie x.

All images by Annie Loveridge Interiors Ltd.


  1. It all looks fabulous, I'm particularly loving the bolster cushions - something I saw a lot of in Europe, but you don't see as much here in NZ. So pleased the 'weather bomb' has left us, and the sun is out and crickets are chirping again.

  2. all of it..those fabrics are divine ! Youve done an amazing job..good skills lovely x

  3. It's looking amazing Annie! Love all the beautiful fabrics and your desk is fabulous :)

    Abbey x

  4. Beautiful! Your projects are gorgeous! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  5. Oh Annie, I do love your lovely Kazak fabric by Quadrille! And your fabric samples look yummy....would love to have a 'rummage in your remnants!!' Ha!

    Also I am really taken by the what looks to be a 'surrealist landscape' above the bed. Looks really interesting.

    Janelle x

  6. I love your blog Annie! Cant wait to follow along and read more about you, your projects, and your love for design! Would love for your input on my posts as well!

  7. I LoVe all the fabrics...everything looks so good!
    I laughed when I read about the white paint being called primer ;o)
    I do things like that all the time. I have had tradies tell me they think my ideas are weird and then they tell me, how clever, they wouldn't have thought of that!!!
    Tania Maree xx