Friday, March 30, 2012

Jonathan Adler...

...wears Crocs apparently. Who would have known???

ACHICA Living visited Jonathan Adler at his NY Office. It's a lovely interview and insight into this man whose work I really enjoy - the full article is here.

The Crocs might be a surprise but you knew his office would be fabulous right?

You know you've made it when you can frame that and put it on your desk!

I'm off to to the school fundraiser tonight. I've seen the decorated hall and it looks fabulous - I have very clever friends!
I hope you all have a very happy weekend. Annie x.

All images via ACHICA Living.


  1. His work space looks like so much fun. And yes, I would say that if you are out there making pottery with Oprah, you have arrived.

  2. Ha! Funnily enough I'm not surprised by the crocs! If anyone can make them cool... :)

    Enjoy the weekend Annie!

    Abbey x

  3. Oooh how delicious everything is - I love Jonathan Adler xxx