Friday, March 30, 2012

Jonathan Adler...

...wears Crocs apparently. Who would have known???

ACHICA Living visited Jonathan Adler at his NY Office. It's a lovely interview and insight into this man whose work I really enjoy - the full article is here.

The Crocs might be a surprise but you knew his office would be fabulous right?

You know you've made it when you can frame that and put it on your desk!

I'm off to to the school fundraiser tonight. I've seen the decorated hall and it looks fabulous - I have very clever friends!
I hope you all have a very happy weekend. Annie x.

All images via ACHICA Living.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stephen Woodhams

The April 2012 edition of Homes & Gardens (UK) is a cracker and my favourite home featured is bang slap on the front cover...

It is the south London apartment home of garden designer Stephen Woodhams. He has so beautifully turned the apartment he bought from a developer into a stylish but inviting home...and that roof!

"In every way, the inside and outside link seamlessly, achieved through silvery-blue tones of the fabric and flooring mimicking the hues of hydrangea or silver birch; or the vivid green burst of a botanical wallpaper decorating the walls of a bedroom."

"There is the creamy white marble that, inside, appears as a worktop applied to what Stephen calls the "bog-standard kitchen" and, outside, as a made to order dining table. Stephen designed the pair of striking sculptures, made from a pair of Art Deco lamp bases perching on birch-log columns (above), an effect that has been replicated in the base of a square coffee table on the roof terrace outside".

"I treated the terrace as an interior designer would a room," he says, pointing out the scrunchy, all-weather carpet. "It is inviting, somewhere to linger in."

Yes, I think I could certainly linger there.

I think the papier-mâché dog is a fabulous piece of humour that stops the space taking itself so seriously.

The Stephen Woodhams website states simply that "We offer clients bespoke outdoor spaces which are functional yet beautiful."
No more.
I think it sums up his own terrace perfectly.

All images via Stephen Woodhams.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We have  BIG school fundraiser coming up this Friday evening. One of those "I'm steering clear of the sponsor's wine this year" type of fundraisers....and who thought vodka jellies were a good starter last year? 

So in support of our fabulous school, Annie Loveridge Interiors is offering this chair to the silent auction. It's covered in Alan Campbell's Saya Gata in Pink with a cushion in China Seas' Lyford Print in Dark Rose

It would add a lovely layer of colour and texture to a girl's bedroom as a study chair; part of the Quadrille Fabrics range, both fabrics are handprinted linen cottons, milled in the USA.

I really hope some fabulous parents at our school see the beauty in this lovely chair or else I shall be loitering embarrassed by the sponsor's bar!
I tend to keep my work totally separate from school so this is a big step for me but it's a good opportunity for me to help our school.
I really do hope it goes to a happy home. 
Fingers crossed! Annie x.

All images Annie Loveridge Interiors Ltd.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not So Stylish Traveller

Well, hello. I am back but have been too embarrassed to show (not show?) my atrocious lack of fabulous photos from my Vietnam trip.

Apart from silly, those dogs must be very, very hot.

You know those people who travel and post the most amazing photos - think Kelly Wearstler in a rice hat (or Non La to show some cultural appreciation) looking not at all hot and bothered, but like she's in a shoot for Vogue?
Well, that's not me folks.
In fact I can't even find a photo of me so here's one of the view I woke up to each morning...

Actually there are some photos of me lurking somewhere in finest moment was touring a furniture factory in the issued slogan cap (bright red, with my curly mop fighting it all the way) teamed with the requisite paper face mask.
Think SARS circa 2003.
Trying to appear the sophisticated designer was long gone in the 38 degree humidity.
A photographer followed us the whole way and insisted on taking frequent photos (he was very good at side stepping my feet).
I'm sure somewhere last weekend, some Vietnamese people were having a cracking laugh at my expense!

So there will be no beautiful tomes of places well travelled by me.
I may well appear in a health brochure but that will be it I believe.

So here's my photographic expertise...yes, taken from the car and on the phone. Classy, I know.

You think your commute was busy this morning?

My girls find these photos very funny...

So close, I could have reached out the window and helped myself.

...that it's such a shame I missed capturing the chap with a full size refrigerator strapped to himself!

I loved these statue shops dotted along one of the roads out of Ho Chi Minh City; again, I missed the 10ft tall giraffe statue. I did spend a lot of time wondering who was going to buy it and where would they put it???

A shop specialising in old street lights. Again thinking, who is their supplier because they were genuine originals?

And to prove I did get out of the car, the view across Ho Chi Minh City, to the new Bitexco Building (aka Lotus Building) at night.

It was a wonderful trip; I love Vietnam and stayed with wonderful friends I have known since I was about 11. Staying with them and being a part of their lovely family for a few days was wonderful.
Thanks B & B for a very special trip.

Ho Chi Minh has changed so much in the 10 years since I was last there. Some of the quaintness has given way to 'progress' and upmarket western shops, but there's still something very special about this country and its people.

So, back to reality. I'm timekeeper at my daughter's school swim sports tomorrow.
Be afraid...
Then it's her 9th birthday party.
She wants a horse.
I'm off to make a chocolate birthday cake. With a horse on top. Horse, right?

It's so good to be home.
The children survived the Fun Daddy regime.
A tooth came out. It was meant to.
But they all survived without me. I did leave a lot of lists.

I hope you've all had a fabulous week. I enjoyed so many of your posts while I was away so thank you. Annie x.

All images my own.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ao Dai

Isn't the traditional Vietnamese dress, the Ao Dai, so elegant?

I am off to Vietnam tomorrow to visit a trade fair. Hopefully I'll have some good pics to share when I'm back next Thursday.

I will be checking emails but please bear with me if there is a delay in receiving a response.

Fun Daddy will be looking after the girls. You can only imagine...

Wherever you are, take care and have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

Images from here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The World's Ugliest Condo

I do love a before and after, so this title on Apartment Therapy this morning had me clicking. I think I would have considered the apartment well equipped and spacious as a uni flat, and have definitely seen uglier - the beer can pyramid anyone? - but it is certainly very 'brown'.

It's a humourous little read and I look forward to seeing following the renovation here.

On a prettier note, I have had 3 enquiries regarding this fabric alone this week...

Cushions in Alan Campbell's Potalla in Multi Blues on White Linen Cotton

Always beautiful.

Sorry for the haphazard blogging this week too...I am heading off on Saturday, very last minute, to Vietnam to visit a trade fair.


I am fortunate to have my dearest uni friends living there so won't be totally stranded. The husband will be looking after the girls. I have a lot of rules lists to write, you know??? A x.

Images 1 & 2 via Apartment Therapy; 3 via Quadrille Editorial page.

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Weekend

Okay, so my spray painting efforts were thwarted by a 'weather bomb' this weekend. Spray cans and gale force winds are not a good combination. I was however called by Fran, who has made all the blinds in our house, to say that the quilts and bolsters I had ordered were ready for pick up...only a week after delivering the fabrics. Yes, she is fabulous!

So here's a peak at the work in progress that is our house. I've been holding off posting anything as we're in that stage where things look worse than when we started! The painters are painting the roof today and the back garden is piled in patio furniture. So, bear with me here...cushions are yet to arrive, lampshades yet to be recovered, but I am so happy with Fran's beautiful work that I wanted to show you...

We're going green in the master bedroom...

A bit of a switch out from the 'Tomato and Gold' we started with but I am deliriously happy with the green. It is calming and uplifting at the same time, and I love it.

The fabric is New Batik by China Seas in New Jungle New Brown and it's one of those fabrics that looks so fabulous on larger items. I've used it in turquoise in the girls' playroom and it's gorgeous.

I am having a wingback chair reupholstered and some cushions made in Nitik II by China Seas, a smaller scale print in the same colour.

The guest room is looking a little bare awaiting a painting to be hung and some lampshades recovered...those ones you can see piled up on the RHS! This bed was to be a target of the spray can but was given a reprieve. The chair is in Quadrille's Kazak and the bolster and quilt are in China Seas' Aquarius in Navy Royal.

Lily's room...well under 25 stuffed toy elephants is her new quilt and bolster. It's all looking a little bland with the one fabric but there's some new bedlinen and yellow cushions on the way.

Sorry for the photo camera has croaked and I can't find the guarantee - argh - so these are phone quality.

Oh, and the time freed up by the weather bomb meant I sorted out my office...

Well, as much as I ever will...I do love my desktop though...

...and I'm calling this tidy...for today...

So there it is, work in progress. I have asked the painters to paint our back deck white and am somewhat concerned it may be blinding. The garden chap said "I've never seen that done before" and I don't seem to be able to find any images to back up my plan. What is that telling me?

I figure if it looks dreadful, I'll call it primer. Annie x.

All images by Annie Loveridge Interiors Ltd.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Weekend...

...will involve this stuff...

...a bed and an outdoor table....unless I get carried away and attack more unsuspecting pieces.

If all goes well, I'll share with you soon.

If not, enough said.

Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

Image via here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Distraction

I have a crazy day today - good crazy, dropping off fabrics and furniture - but there will be time later this afternoon where I can indulge in this...

Rue Magazine March / April 2012 Issue

And I cannot wait to get my technical hands on this Ivy & Piper cover - gorgeous!

Ivy & Piper's March Issue is out Monday, but Sunday to IvP on here to sign up.

Elizabeth and Melanie are so lovely and this just shines through each magazine they issue. Thank you both. A x.

Images from here and here.