Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

This image pretty much sums up Auckland's weather today...

...and in searching for 'Auckland rain' images - there's a lot of them - I came across LPK Photography with its quirky photographs of downtown Auckland. I found rain, of course...

...but several other pics that I thought were fun...

FREE is a very good word in New Zealand language...even the dog's keen.

We're a sophisticated bunch in New Zealand!

This just has to be my favourite..."does my bum look big in this?"

Well, hopefully tomorrow our 'Big Little City' will look a little more like this...

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are...particularly if it's meant to be summer! A x.

Image 1 from here; all others via LPK Photography.


  1. My mum is actually in Auckland at the moment visiting my aunt. I suspect they are still having a great old time despite the rain :) hope the sun emerges soon!

    Abbey x

  2. Auckland is beckoning me, even with the rain. So many shops I want to visit up there. xxx