Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paper Decorations

We had the most wonderful weekend away - well, just over 24 hours but that's a week in 'no children time' - at our friends' wedding.

The wedding was held at the bride and groom's home, with the ceremony in their garden.
A huge amount of effort and planning must have gone into it and honestly, it was so perfect.
Instead of flowers, all decorations were paper.
Even the order of service was on a paper windmill.
Fresh flowers at a wedding are lovely but I think paper decorations are such a clever alternative.

This wedding was so much fun...lots of old (as in 'long time', please...) uni friends. It was so lovely being in the company of people you've grown up with, on and off over the years. We're all living in different places, doing different things but there's that ease of history where things don't require explaining or justifying. There's an acceptance about who we all are and what we're doing and it's very, very special.
It feels good to be happy for what your peers have gone on to do.

All images via Pinterest.

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  1. 24 childless hours - very special (but also great to come home to them!). I love the idea of using paper decorations - they look great and it would be quite cost effective. The Japanese crane photo is beautiful. xxx