Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Order Restored

My girls returned to school today after an 8 week summer break. I know I should be saying how sad and lonely I am and how the house feels so empty....but let's just say that school is good for all of us. I love my girls but my sanity rates quite highly too.

My focus here at home, for the next 6 hours, is our outdoor area. Inspired by Mark and Luella Tuckey's gorgeous home, featured in the Christmas Edition of Inside Out Magazine, I have ordered 2 of these...

Mamasita stocks these in New Zealand and Monde is so lovely to deal with. I love dealing with people who love their product and just want to see their customers 100% happy.

I am getting some squabs made up for the built in seating area and ottoman in an off white Sunbrella with yellow piping.
Excited. Yes I am.

I know that magazine article is a few months' old now, but how amazing is the Tuckey family home? It may have something to do with the view. Can you imagine?

I also made it to my favourite yoga class. Heaven! 

Can I also say, to all of you with kids at home who still managed to post frequent, regular and coherent posts through the holidays...hats off to you all. You are Superwomen. My 'time management' needs work. Annie x.

Image 1 & 3 from here; 2 from here.


  1. Yes, what a spot that home is! With the harbour at the bottom of the garden - well, even a tent would be fab. Welcome back to blogworld, I have missed your posts.

    My youngest returned to school yesterday, but the elder 2 have another MONTH before they go to uni. Yikes! Your outdoor area sounds pretty swish. Virginia x

  2. I can so relate Annie. My three girls went back to school last Wednesday, and we were definitely all ready for it! I am so jealous of you and your Acapulco chairs - they are on my wish list this year. Your outside area sounds perfect. xxx

  3. Hope your girls had a great first day back annie! Mark tuckey's home is amazing - as are your chairs! Looking forward to seeing how your outdoor area comes along :)

    Abbey x

  4. As much as we love our kids .. sometimes we can love them more when they are at school most of the day .. LOL.
    You know if you are doing a yellow outdoor area .. I could always ship one of my OEKE resort ones over???

  5. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I have had to haul myself back to the keyboard but now realise how lovely it is to share ideas and support. I hope you're all having a lovely week. A x.