Thursday, February 9, 2012

Douglas & Bec

I popped into local design store Douglas & Bec yesterday. Oh how I love this shop...

Douglas & Bec is Rebecca Snelling and partner Paul Dowie's 'brain child', stocking charming local and international design pieces, as well as Workroom Design; simply beautiful timber pieces designed by Rebecca and crafted by her father, Douglas.

While I was there, Douglas was delivering a Rosewood dining table and it is absolutely divine...and no, I didn't get any photos. I know, stupid. Sorry.

I did spy this while I was there and I am officially in love with a piece of furniture...

DS Stool

I also love this, but to go where exactly?

Circle Table

Oh, I forgot to mention, Douglas & Bec loves yellow...see the appeal?

Angle Table Lamp 2.0

Yellow 'Y' Stool by Tim Webber

Yellow Archival Rucksack in Canvas Duck

Images 1 & 2 from here; all others via Douglas & Bec.


  1. I really need to plan a trip to Auckland. I love Douglas & Bec, but have to make do with online shopping for now. My girls were complaining that we didn't live in Auckland... "it's the best city - they have The Zoo, Rainbow's End, and Jessie J, aaand Taylor Swift are going there" they said. Poor things having to live in sunny Hawke's bay ;D

  2. Yes, poor things...all that sunshine and beautiful beaches! I am so envious of you in the Bay. Bring them when it's raining...any time from April to August really! It is nice finding a great design shop with such friendly people though. A x.

  3. What a lovely store. The exterior is so cute too. It's so nice having gorgeous little local haunts :)

    Abbey x