Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aravina Estate

I saw a beautiful, floral table setting over at The Verandah House yesterday and it reminded me of the tables at the Aravina Estate in the Margaret River, which we visited in January.

Okay, so not such a lovely pic as this...

Rather fabulous yes?

...but the approach to the restaurant is through a walkway of the most splendid, similarly coloured hydrangeas...

In Western Australia, where it is very dry and hot in summer, these hydrangeas are such an unexpected treat.

The Aravina Estate vineyard is the former Amberley Estate and the new owners have renovated the restaurant and landscaped the grounds to include a children's playground and cricket pitch. Actually, I'm not certain they intended there to be a cricket pitch, but this is Australia, in summer, so a cricket pitch it is.

Our girls spent enough time at the table to place an order, dash, return to eat and then return to the cricket pitch. Pete and I ate like normal people and even shared uninterrupted conversation. I know!

Let's just say that everybody was happy.

All images my own except 2 via The Verandah House.


  1. Oh this is heaven! Hydrangeas, tree ferns, a forest of textured trunks, a cricket it! What a glorious spot. Haven't been to WA in forever, so this may just be worth popping onto the "what shall we do this long weekend?" list. x

  2. How beautiful. I'm trying to grow hydrangeas from several cuttings I took - fingers crossed that next Summer I will be able to pick my own. And that sounds like the perfect family spot - we have a brilliant winery in Te Awanga, Hawke's Bay with an awesome play area for the kids, so we adults can enjoy some uninterrupted conversation and a relaxed glass of wine - bliss :) xxx