Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Somewhat Belated Wish

I know it's the 31st of January, but all the same, Happy New Year to you all.

See the big new building going up? All BHP - 46 storeys of Mining Power. 

Welcome back...if anyone is still there?!
I couldn't find the will to end my 3 week holiday when we returned home and my girls' school appears to be the last one in Auckland to reopen - Tuesday NEXT week would you believe?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy start to 2012. This is going to be a great year.

We spent the first day of the year on the shores of the Swan River, at Mathilda Bay in Perth. The girls loved these pretty galahs. We just made sure we weren't seated underneath them.

We had 3 wonderful weeks in Perth - the perfect family holiday.

Do I need to point out that my girls are the ones in and on bright colours?

Arabella's love of horses continued to grow...

...as did our waistlines...

Never visit a chocolate factory hungry

The kangaroos visited whilst we were staying at my Godparents' home in Margaret River.

Although this photo doesn't do it justice, this kangaroo was carrying a rather large joey in her pouch. He looked somewhat ready for kangaroo school. Think 3 year old in a Baby Bjorn. Wrong.

We spent several nights up at the Grandparents' farm, north of Perth. It is possibly the most quiet place on earth. Just the sounds of the birds, a blue tongued lizard that eludes sight but eats the vegetables and the organic beef cows. Perfect.

So, back to reality, a little later than planned. I hope you are all having a very happy 2012. It's nice to be back. Annie x.

All images my own.


  1. What a wonderful, nice long holiday, and such a beautiful spot. Happy you're back!!

  2. welcome back .. and it still counts as it's still january.
    glad you had a great break and a great holiday (-:

  3. Welcome back... sounds like a perfect holiday. Luckily Melbourne has switched off summer for the day today so I can sort myself out and switch back to work and school mode. School Thursday and work tomorrow. Yes, work. Gulp. ! A x

  4. Of course Melbourne's cooled down...the tennis has finished! Anything beats the rain that has been the Auckland summer though so we were lucky to escape for a little while.
    Thank you all for the welcome back...yes, I thought that was sneaky getting in on Jan 31! A x.

  5. Welcome back Annie! Looks like you had a wonderful break :)

    Abbey x

  6. Welcome back and happy New Year Annie. What a wonderful time you must've had. I can't believe your girls don't go back to school till next week! My three start back tomorrow, 3 days after most of the other primary schools around here. I have to say the best rocky road I've ever had was in Australia at the Eumundi Markets - yum! xxx