Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Renovation - Work In Progress

I know I promised some photos of the Velux windows yesterday. Well, I've just been over to the house and totally forgot to get photos of the finished goods! So here is a pic of the living room as of yesterday morning...

I will try to remember to get some better photos over the weekend. Needless to say I think that even in this state, it's an improvement on this:

Sorry for the short posts but I'm starting to P-A-N-I-C about the movers rocking up at our door...8.30am Monday morning. I think it's fair to say my posts will be even more erratic, if anything at all, next week, so I wish you all a very happy weekend, and possibly week ahead. Annie x.

Images my own.


  1. It's looking great Annie! Good luck with the move. All will be fine!

    Abbey x

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