Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just In Time...

You have to love the upholsterer who calls on December 21 to say "the elves have finished their work. Can we deliver tomorrow please?"
Ta dah...

This is one of those brown leather (vinyl???) chairs seen in most houses sometime over the last 15 years. Now I am definitely not the clever crafty type, but even I can pull one of those things apart.
Willingly in fact.

So one Sunday afternoon and some white paint later we have, well, a chair with white legs.
Enter some China Seas Seya and I think it looks rather nice.

This chair is going into my 8 year old daughter's room, to be used at her desk.
Drawing, not homework, apparently.

I am so happy with my her fabric choice. It's fun for an 8 year old, will grow up with her and most importantly, has red and orange in it, which she loves. Together.
This was the inspiration:

We have used a similar blue as those chairs, in her blinds. I'll post some photos of her room in the New Year. When I've made her bed...

All images my own except for 5 from here.


  1. Gorgeous fabric Annie - and with the white legs it looks so fresh and peppy. Have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy your 3 week holiday! Wow! Virginia xx

  2. I LOVE it Annie, a lot! I too have dreamed over and been inspired by that fabulous bunk room! Hope your Christmas lead-up is not too chaotic (tho it wouldn't be the silly season if there wasn't a little bit of last minute craziness!). If I don't get back before Sunday, wishing you and yours the very best for Christmas and see you in the new year! Nicolex