Saturday, December 17, 2011

I have been a bad blogger this week - sorry.
3 shared lunches (only 2 children???), School Christmas BBQ cancelled due to rain (Grinch like, but good), Christmas Parade (full fancy dress required) transferred to Friday morning due to BBQ cancellation (not so good), final school assembly (1.5 hours...bring cushion), teachers' presents (finished wrapping, 11.15pm last night - final batch of baking had to be cooled in the refrigerator so it could be wrapped). Clients' gifts sorted, Post Office queues endured to send presents to family in the UK.

Every year I say I'll be better organised next, I don't think I will either!

So here's some pretty pictures, from the Quadrille archives that remind me why I LOVE being a very small part of the Quadrille family.

Pretty, calm and quite fabulous I think.
The green wallpaper and curtains are Aqua II from China Seas via Martha Stewart Living, which comes in some beautiful colours.

Wherever you are have a very happy weekend. Take care - there are some crazy people out there this time of year. Not me of course x.

Image 1 from here; 2 & 3 from here; 4 from here; 5 from here.


  1. Loving your Santa pics Annie! Hilarious :) It is indeed such a busy time! I've passed on the Liebster Award to you too over at G&G. Have a lovely weekend :)

    Abbey x

  2. Totally flattered Abbey. I am inspired to be a better blogger! Thank you. Annie x.

  3. Hey Annie, your week sounds remarkably similar to mine. It's such a relief that school has finished now, and all those school celebrations/final assemblies are behind us. Having chilled champagne in the fridge has been a saviour after some crazy busy days! I love the freshness of the green against the white. xxx

  4. Hello Annie:
    We are quite exhausted just thinking about the week you have had. Children are lovely, but they do generate a great deal of work and take up much time when one is required to attend all the school Christmas celebrations. We do hope that the coming week will be a little quieter for you.

  5. Hi Annie: I have added you to my blogroll and nominated you TODAY for the Liebster Award!! Love the Quadrille too! check it out on my blog: - have a great week ahead! ;-)) oh and I'm a new follower!