Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Renovation - Skylights

It always amazes me the difference good lighting can make to a room - both natural daylight and the electric variety. We have installed Velux windows into almost every house we have lived in as we love the way they can totally alter a room.

As well as being practical in introducing natural light where it's lacking, there is something so wonderful about how the sun splays across the room differently throughout the year.

We are having 4 skylights installed at this stage - two in the living area, one on the other side of the raked ceiling in the kitchen, and one in Lily's room with a UV blackout film (also a raked ceiling).

We are considering an extension to the back of the house, but also want to be able to enjoy living there in the meantime or, indeed, should we decide against further work.

So, here is the main living and dining room, before...

First task was to remove those blinds on the bifold windows - I don't even know how that works.

I'm not always keen to paint over timber - I tend to think it best to go with what a house is, accept its oddities and make the most of it. Honour what is.

However...this ceiling is basic NZ pine - nothing special and it is dark any time of day. So, we will extend the white paintbrush to the ceiling and install the skylights. I went in yesterday and the primer had just gone on the ceiling and the difference already is amazing. 

To illustrate my point about the darkness, this is the banquette seating area. It wasn't a sunny day, but that is just d-a-r-k. The brown vinyl/leather seats don't help and are off to be replaced with, well, anything really.

So, here's some prettier rooms to take us into the weekend. Imagine them without the skylights and see how different they would feel.

Thank you all for your lovely comments this week, particularly the positive ones regarding our renovation. I have a sinking feeling about buying the wrong house this time and am madly throwing myself at re-couping the feeling I had when we first viewed it. We have moved so many times, I could kick myself for getting this wrong...I should know better than to panic and leap in. Selling first with very little for sale in a surging market is not a nice place to be!

I know it will be fine. It may not be perfect, but it will be good and we will be happy. Very happy.

Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

All images via Pinterest from here, except 3 - 5 my own.


  1. This post is SO for me. We have just discussed this week putting 3 skylights in when we redo our roof (which is starting in the next few weeks). These ones look so cool - especially love the last image.

    And re: your disappointment with the house. I hear you with the regrets of it not being perfect. But maybe it's just because you are at the start. Once you weave your magic, it will become perfect I'm sure.

    Looking forward to seeing all that you do (-:

  2. Hello Annie:
    Whilst, like you, we believe in 'going with' what a house has to offer, the brown ceiling here will we think, as you are already discovering with the undercoat, look so much lighter and more attractive when painted white. A good move!

    As for your move to the new house, we are certain that you will start to feel very differently when you are finally installed and it begins to take shape as you would wish it.

    Jó hétvégét.

  3. Annie your ideas for the house are really great and I'm sure it will be fantastic once you're finished. I love all those lovely windows. Completely divine way to end the week. Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  4. These spaces are stunning! I'm always a fan of natural lighting. Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  5. From what I've seen of your home I think it looks great, and I'm loving all your ideas so far. Definitely the white ceiling - it will just add to the light, airy feeling. It looks like a great backyard for your girls too. xxx

  6. You are all so lovely thank you!

    Jane and Lance - I think you are right...I think we just need to get in there and make it our new home. We had a 4 month settlement here - unusually long for NZ - and although very practical it also allows too much time for procrastination...should one be susceptible to such thoughts..which I am!

    Vic - the garden is lovely and probably sold the house to us. HUGE for Herne Bay!

    Thank you all again and I hope you're having a lovely weekend x.