Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Renovation - Floorboards

It is two weeks today that we move into out new house. The painters are due to finish this Friday but are finishing...tomorrow! How much do I love this team?
So, seeing a gap in the Gannt Chart schedule, I've decided to get the wooden floorboards sanded and polished before moving day.

Our floorboards are currently in average condition but it's a great opportunity while the house is empty to get them cleaned up. They are wide boards but have that orange tone to them...

Most houses around us have had their floorboards stained dark. I do like that look, when done well with the right furnishings, but I have seen a lot of houses here with dark floorboards and very modern, often white furniture, and I find it all starts to look very 'staged for sale' and clinical.

So I'm retaining the tango-ed warmth of our boards. Bruce the floor man is starting his dusty job on Thursday morning. If he can make my orange, presumably pine, boards look like oiled oak, I'll be happy enough.

Failing that magic trick, a cleaner version of the 'as is' that I can look at and not have to think about doing in future, will be okay too.

All images via Pinterest from here, except 2 and 3 my own.


  1. How exciting Annie! Polished floorboards make the biggest difference don't they? Bet they'll come up a treat :)
    E & M x

  2. Your boards are beautiful with their two-tone colouring. Oh how exciting this must all be getting. And doing this messy work before your move is such a brilliant idea. So much harder afterwards, when the furniture is in the way. Virginia xo

  3. Every time I look at all the dust, I think how fortunate we are to get that out of the way before we move in! I am even starting to like the house a little! Annie x.