Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Yellow Birds

Little Yellow Birds...isn't that just a lovely name for a homewares business?

Cotton Ball Light Garland

Harriet and Jenny operate this pretty online shop, specialising in children's interiors, from rural Shropshire and it just exudes colour.

Felt Ball Freckle Rug

This is a truly beautiful site with some lovely things to brighten up kids' spaces. The prices are good and there is a gorgeous 'About Us' summary by Harriet and Jenny. You just get the feeling you'd like these two! I think it's lovely when online shops put out a pretty cyber welcome mat.

Patchwork Playmat

Beach Hut Lights

And what about these Japanese paper balloons for a couple of squid each?

And for my lovely Lily who loves elephants like life itself...

Baby Elephant Wall Decal

Even better, it appears that they send worldwide. Don't you just love the www?

All images via Little Yellow Birds.


  1. Hello Annie:
    It is always interesting to hear of good online sites. There are so many to choose from that having personal recommendations is very helpful. The felt rug is such fun!

  2. Oh, love these bright happy colours Annie! Looks like spring itself. And I have to go and check out the beach hut lights. Melbourne beaches are lined with these curious relics from days of old, and they completely fascinate me. Virginia xx

  3. You had me at 'colour' - what a gorgeous shop, thanks for sharing. xxx

  4. Oh Annie I just LOVE those beach hut lights!! I'm going over to look at the store right now. Nicolex

    PS Thank you for your lovely welcome back message on my blog. As wonderful as it NY was, it's lovely to be home!

  5. Thank you for such lovely feedback on our site and for writing such a great review. Our Beach Hut lights have proved incredibly popular. They will be back in stock in January.
    Thanks again. Love the blog.
    Jenny x

  6. How lovely! That rug looks amazing! Enjoy the beautiful end of the week, Kellie xx