Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Ramblings

I am off shortly to help set up for our school's Guy Fawkes' fundraiser tomorrow night.
After a busy week in Fabricland, this should be a cracking break...yes, weak, I know....

If I can set up cake stands and chocolate wheels in time, this awaits at home...

Matchbook Magazine November Issue

Anna Spiro over at Absolutely Beautiful Things released her Summer 2011 Vignette yesterday. It is beautifully shot, so pretty, and full of, well, absolutely beautiful things.
I even spied a cushion in this lovely lot that Anna has designed using Quadrille's China Seas Ziggurat in French Blue.
Isn't that setting just so inviting?

Summer 2011 - Cushions

Blue and White Geometric Cushion

And from the files of 'truly odd' here is Colin Mathura Jeffree - NZ's Next Top Model host and mentor - at last night's NZ Music Awards.

Channeling his inner Lady Gaga, apparently, in his meat dress.

Eeeeuck! So here's something somewhat tamer to take us into the weekend...

Ohhhhhhh, right?

We settle on our new house today, although we don't move for another month.
Painters start on Monday morning.
Somewhere between now and then, I have to have made a decision (NOT my strength) between Antique White USA, Whisper White, Rice Cake...trim contrast/no contrast???
Why is this so much harder when it's one's own home? This is not life saving surgery???

Wherever you are, I hope you all have a very happy weekend. Annie x.

Images: fireworks from here; Matchbook alert;  cushions from here; Colin from here; turtle from here.


  1. I have just been drooling over at Anna's new Summer vignette, and crying over all the gorgeous things I want but can't afford right now. Wow, that dress is bad, but Colin's got great legs! How exciting about your new house, what a great Christmas you'll have in it. It's always so much harder to work on your own home/designs. Enjoy your w/end. xxx

  2. Gorgeous seat! Love overwhelming number of pillows! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  3. Happy weekend to you too Annie, good luck with the cake stands and chocolate wheels, am sure you'll have earned some relaxing Matchbook time. Nicolex

  4. Hello Annie:
    Now a 'meat' dress is something which we have not come across before and very different indeed from the lovely cushions which you show. We know which we should prefer!

    Such exciting news about the house; we shall certainly look forward to hearing more. Decisions, decisions!

    Jó hétvégét.