Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Fig

We have some fig trees running along the side of our house and the scent emanating from them at the moment is heavenly.

Our garage is open at the back (not really a 'garage' as such then I suppose...), so each time I'm in and out of the car, I am hit by the heavy scent wafting from these plants.

Not only is the scent one of my favourites in the garden, but I think fig trees are just so sculptural and,!

And the fig itself... many lovely ways to indulge...

There is a fine balance between picking too soon and providing the birds a feast so good they fly into the windows! We will have moved house before the fruit is ready to pick, but luckily I have an 'arrangement' with our neighbour that makes everybody happy...
except the birds perhaps.

Images 1 - 3 my own; 4 from here; 5 from here; 6 from here; 7 from here; 8 from here; 9 from here; 10 from here; 11 from here.


  1. Now you are making my mouth water! I'm crazy for figs and their very short season makes them even more desirable. Very jealous of having such luscious looking fig plants in your garden. I have planted them in lots of our gardens but we generally don't stay put for long enough for them to start fruiting. I better make sure our next house has a line of lovely figs like this before we move in!
    Doesn't the green look wonderful against the grey house? Virginia xx

  2. Hello Annie:
    Fresh figs, oh how we love them! In our gardening days we had a fig tree but it produced little fruit as it was not placed correctly. However, the foliage was always a delight, so gloriously green and lush. Your trees look wonderful and yes, an arrangement with the neighbour about picking the figs sounds like a very good idea!

  3. The neighbour culls these trees each autumn within an inch of their lives and yet each spring, they come back to life and are abundant in fruit. Lucky I think! A x.

  4. How nice to be welcomed by such a lovely smell when you come home. They are a gorgeous tree, and those recipes look divine. (Hope your athletics sports went well). xxx