Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Parent vs. Designer

We had another look through our new house on Saturday. The girls got to choose their bedrooms. Actually the 8 year old chose her room and then the 7 year old decided she wanted the same room. Same old.

I am hankering to replicate this scheme in Arabella's room...

There's several Quadrille fabrics in there and as Arabella is not girly, likes red, orange and blue and has her Noah's Ark quilt to consider, this is looking good.

I've already had the China Seas Seya (on those large floor cushions) delivered, and the Bangalore (on the bolsters and cushions on RHS bunks) is in print. I have no dead animal to lay out on the floor but that is okay. I'm hoping to source a carpet in the blue of those chairs, to soften the polished wooden boards. So far, so good. We're singing from the same hymn sheet.

So I decided to hold an impromptu consultation in her chosen room on Saturday. It appears she cares very little for what colour goes on the wall (...the horror...I know...) because apparently, no matter what colour it is "it's going to be covered all over with horse posters".

Her eyes were as searching as mine were wide. Parent vs. Designer...what to do? Then I remembered reading this on the lovely Isabella & Max Rooms blog, about how mother and daughter worked together to design this beautiful bedroom...

...daughter grows up overnight, and then suddenly this wall...

...morphs into this...

As a child, I remember begging for Laura Ashley wallpaper. Oh how I wanted it so badly. Now, like everything imported into NZ in those days, that wallpaper was very expensive and I waited my whole childhood...probably a year or two in real time...for it.

Once up - and it was so beautiful - I was never allowed to put any pins or Blu-Tack near it. I think I did once and I was immediately directed to take it back down again. Bad childhood...my design aspirations were quelled and I went to university and did a commerce degree...

So, will I take this traumatic experience on board and embrace my daughter's creativity? Yes, but through gritted teeth and a very scary smile I imagine.

I did come across this in my quest for other options travels...

Cool, but no.

Image 1 from here; 2 - 4 from here; 5 from here.


  1. Hello Annie:
    Well, it seems to us that you and your daughters are really not so far apart in ideas and requirements for the new bedroom(s) and we are sure, whatever, that the finished result will be lovely. We do rather like the 3D horses emerging from the posters but that may make the whole project rather too surreal. A rocking horse might be a safer option!!!

  2. Aren't the horses great? They were to promote a Dry The River single. An old rocking horse would be lovely but Arabella will have to settle for her Ikea rocking reindeer!

  3. These are beautiful! Those bunk beds are so lovely! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx