Monday, October 24, 2011

New Zealand 8 - France 7

Honestly. Thank goodness.

As I watched the husband turn into The Incredible Hulk for 80 minutes last night, I am very happy the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup 2011.

It's been 24 years since New Zealand lifted rugby's Webb Ellis Cup in the inaugural event in 1987. There have been many upsets and tears since. Upset rugby players too.

It was a very tense, tight match but look how fired up these boys were when they performed the pre match Haka.

However, so was the French team...

It was so tense, but finally, the full time whistle blew and the ABs knew they had finally done it!

To France. What a wonderful game. You played like only the French can when no one expects them to. Formidable.

I have just been out for a run. It's the Labour Day holiday today and it's a glorious Spring day. I expected to see a lot of sore heads out there but instead saw lots of people in yesterday's clothes still hanging off balconies with celebratory glasses in hand. I vaguely remember being able to do that!

Now to my favourite ad of the Rugby World Cup 2011....this 'award' goes to local beer company Tui, picking up on the filmed indiscretions of the Queen's grandson in law (if there is indeed such a thing) and England rugby player Mike Tindall.

It still makes me laugh...

Okay, that's it for another 4 years. Promise. Back to colour and cushions tomorrow.

If you're in NZ, enjoy the holiday. There's a lot of very happy people out there x.

All images via The Guardian (UK) except Tui from here.


  1. Yes, wasn't it a nail-biter, a really hard game to watch! There were parties going on all around our home, but I was so exhausted after that game that I crashed. I was out super early for my run too and it was airily quiet, our neighbours only emerged an hour ago (about 3pm)! So proud of our boys, even if that last game wasn't their best. xxx

  2. Yes it was much the same here. We were lucky to see the post match fireworks from home but I was also straight to bed after the game. It is a good result isn't it? A x.

  3. What excitement this must have provoked! Well done to them and I bet it will be quite a while before the excitement dies down across NZ. Virginia xx

  4. Virginia - I don't know what will happen to the news now. There has been none other than rugby related items, so it will be fascinating to see what's been going on! Husband has still found a rugby dinner to attend tonight. Work...apparently. A x.

  5. Very interesting...

    A very lovely surprise win !

  6. Well I for one do not follow the rugby (neither does hubby so phew!) BUT may I say was very chuffed for the NZers and I love these pics of yours with all the white confetti, looked magical! Nx