Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Muted Tones

Most of my enquiries for fabrics and wallpapers in the Quadrille range are for the bright colours that Quadrille, China Seas and Alan Campbell are known for. Recently though, I've had a lot of interest in the more muted tones of some of the Quadrille Prints.

This fabulous sofa is by Design House of Southampton NY, and the fabric is Quadrille's Carlo II, which comes in the most beautiful colours.

Others in similar tones are - Quadrille Pina:

Design by Kathleen DiPaolo

...and Quadrille Veneto.

Design House

Soho Beach House, Miami.

As the rain pours down in Auckland, I am finding these colours and designs very soothing. Maybe that explains the recent spate of enquiries!

All images via Quadrille.


  1. Hi Annie, I am your latest Follower. I found your blog through Abbey at Gild & Grace (one of my favourite blogs). I am in love with that turquoise lamp in this feature, it's gorgeous. I'm jealous of your meeting with the All Blacks, my kids would've loved that. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your interior design. xxx

  2. That couch is amazing Annie. Love quadrille fabrics, such great colours and fabrics :)

    Abbey x