Friday, October 28, 2011

Jane Cumberbatch - Pure Style

I saw on Design*Sponge this morning that there was a Sneak Peek into Jane Cumberbatch's London home. The girls' school lunches would have to wait...

There are some beautiful photos of Jane's London home. I love her use of colour... well as the neutral schemes she is so well known for...

...and her ability to let a house breathe and just be what it is.

Jane's book, Pure Style, was one of the first design books I bought when Pete and I bought our first subterranean garden flat in London. I lived and breathed this book. 

I set about renovating our little 1 bedroom flat in Richmond, on a meagre budget, hanging off Jane's every word.

This is the book that took me into design. I loved that Jane could use paint, Ikea and second hand furniture so effectively, and make a home look fabulous without the designer items I couldn't afford. Her book just spoke to me.

We then moved from London to Greenville, South Carolina, with Pete's job, where I renovated our old home in the Augusta Road area. I used this book as my bible and discovered a whole new world through the Benjamin Moore paint chart, thanks to Jane. 

Our dining room in Greenville was based on the above room, complete with a table too small for the room, but made up for by the fabulous-ness of Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray, a colour Jane used a lot in Pure Style, against terracotta tiles and white walls. This colour is pure genius.

My style has evolved over the years and, whilst my home couldn't look much more different than Jane's now, I still love her absolute belief in simplicity and honesty in what she has in her home.

I also have a special place for someone who taught me, through a book, that design is for everyone who loves it, no matter what the budget.

PS - I plan to be a better blogger next week...this week has been crazy town in fabric land. I hope you all have a very happy weekend. Annie x.

Images 1 - 4 via Design*Sponge; 5 -8 scanned from Pure Style by Jane Cumberbatch, 9 from here; 10 from here.


  1. Hello Annie:
    Truly inspiring. It is not that one ever wishes slavishly to copy [a great mistake], but to have books such as this one as a source for ideas to which one adds one's own, as you most certainly have done, is a great treat and joy.

    Kellemes hétvégét.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance - 'great treat and joy' is a perfect way to describe what this book has been to me. You two have a lovely weekend too. Annie x.

  3. Looks like a lovely book annie :) that last picture is particularly gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend!

    Abbey x

  4. Her home has a beautifully light and airy feel, but still homely. It's great to have someone who inspires you so much, my first was Tricia Guild, and she still inspires me. xxx

  5. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Jane's first book but I plan to rectify this and order a copy from amazon. Hope you've had a lovely weekend, Nicolex

  6. Hi, Have just discovered your blog through Cush and nooks. Thanks Vic! Love this home, Must look out for the book. Giorgeous blog. i look forward to following. Amy x