Sunday, October 9, 2011

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

...join 'em. Rugby World Cup. I give up. I even spent last night - yes, Saturday night - watching it. Both games. Boo to England going home after losing to France.

I have to accept that there is no escaping the Rugby World Cup here in Auckland. We went for a walk yesterday - it was warmer than those clouds suggest! - and this is what our neighbourhood looks like at the moment...

I have been a rugby widow this week, as the husband has been away on a 'roadshow', in the name of 'work' if you please. A rugby roadshow.

Even the cranes are in on the act...

I have been congratulated on our twin flagpoles. Yes, looking very stately...except truth be told, they were erected by the neighbours on either side!

Our school winter terms have been lengthened to ensure that the term 3 school holidays coincide with....the finals' series of the Rugby World Cup. Of course. I feel that we have limped to the end of term and are all very tired.

So, I have decided to take the girls down to Wellington for the first week of the holidays, and fly down this afternoon. I had planned to meet up with family at the Wagamama on the Wellington Waterfront - the girls' fave - but have just been told that it will be chaos because of...the Rugby World Cup. South Africa vs. Australia at 6pm in Wellington. I have a feeling we'll be watching it.

So I'm over and out for a week while I have a break with my girls, catch up with friends and play around with ideas for the new house. I've had these fabrics delivered recently...

...and I've been beyond desperate to use that Quadrille Pina...

...since seeing it here:

I will be checking my emails, but apologise if my responses to fabric enquiries are delayed.

I hope you all have a very happy week. Go the mighty All Blacks...

Image 1 from here; 11 from here; all others my own.


  1. Love those flags! I did wonder whether people would actually get into it eventually and they have.

    Now just guess where my husband is this weekend? Not Melbourne... Wellington of course... true rugby widow...

  2. The flags are fabulous! How pretty they all look, fluttering everywhere. Well at least you get a little holiday out of it - so not all bad!

    Hope you have a lovely break and can find some non-rugby things to do too!

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