Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stop The Rain. Come Spring.

When there's no makeshift styling sessions going on, this is our front door step...

This little gem was produced by Lily (pre her new found 7 year old maturity...ahem...), at her school's Friday technology session. Actually, it's called something else that I can never remember but it involves frightening the living daylights out of parents at school pick up on a Friday afternoon when presented with timber monstrosities that often involve hireage of a truck to relocate. That and guns.

This little sign is a winner!

I think it was made mid winter, going by the message. Did I mention that Auckland is prone to rainfall?

Anyway, I had a bad/grumpy/'nothing ever goes right for me' day yesterday and today the sun is shining and the blossom is out on our cherry tree. All is good...except that debt crisis stuff I suppose.

I spotted this beach house on a local architect's site and I keep revisiting it...

A lot of 'beach houses' within reach of Auckland are more like 500 sqm glass palaces and I'm not a fan. Actually, I can't afford one so I'm not a fan. They are often squillion dollar builds designed to 'replicate the old kiwi bach'. Mmmm, I don't think so!

So when I saw this I initially thought it was another ho hum, polished concrete pad, but the more I look, I kinda like it's simplicity and sense of space. Okay, so I wouldn't have chosen a blue kitchen myself (blue kitchens and Kiwis - I'm going to do a post on that...), but I like it's 'feel'.

It seems an honest, calm space and what an outlook. It's on Waiheke Island, about an hour across the water from Auckland, and looks back towards the city.

I hope you all have a very happy day. I am going to! Annie x.

Image 1 my own; 2 via Jones Architects.

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