Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love It!

Love everything about this pic...

Being neither a sparkly, shiny things person, or one for jewellery particularly...

...I'm not sure why I love these images so much. Okay, that dress is fabulous!

Which made me think that whilst I don't immediately think to use gold, it can be so beautiful when applied sparingly. No gold taps!

Kelly Wearstler and gold...a whole 'nother chapter there...

Love the gold cushions used against the beautiful peacock blue of this bedroom.

I spied this door handle....squint...to the left...on the bathroom door on our new house...

Not the type of gold accent I'm too comfortable with I'm afraid!

Images from here except last image from vendor's website.


  1. Ah well, I love gold - the more the merrier in my book - so am loving this collection of images! A touch of it is good, a little more is generous, but yes, you are absolutely right, it has to be handled well and masterfully or it can end up looking garish and cheap. Cleverly, you have selected images which show it used masterfully!
    The new bathroom looks enormous, btw. Virginia x

  2. I absolutely adore this post Annie! I am loving the gold and am doing the gold 'thang' myself in a foyer I am presently refurbing. I was lucky enough to find one of those little brass chairs from the 6th image which I will be redipping and reupholstering for the job.
    I have always loved the Nate Berkus room in image 3 also....those gold Chippendales are gorgeous....what's not to love about classic gold accents?
    J x