Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love It!

I saw the work of the Porter Design Company featured on the lovely Melanie and Elizabeth's Ivy and Piper blog this morning and was well impressed with their lavish use of Quadrille Fabrics!

And how pretty is this picture?

As a fan of orange and blue, this makes me very happy. The blue is China Seas' Lyford Print in Blue.

The bolster is in another Quadrille fabric; Alan Campbell's Kells II in Brown/Sky.

I know I keep saying it, but it's the way these fabrics work together, even across collections, that is so beautiful and makes them so exciting to work with.

All images via Porter Design Company, except fabric swatches via Quadrille website.


  1. Tell us about it Annie! We never can get enough of Quadrille fabrics - they all work so well together, so there are endless combinations. x

  2. Thanks for putting me onto this...such a treat for me!

  3. Annie to say I adore this bedroom is an understatement. It is a Wow!

    Art by Karena