Friday, September 23, 2011

Banquette Seating

I have spent far too much some time perusing banquette seating, thinking of all the fabric and chair combinations.

This one by Massucco Warner Miller is a favourite, for it's simplicity and sophisticated use of colour.

I know that whatever fabric I choose for our banquette seating, it will be printed on Sunbrella. Wipeable. Tick.

Am liking so much about this...the colour, the art, those chairs...some white paint and lashings of yellow would be very jolly!

I love the use of the sofa here, and what's not to love about that Zig Zag fabric by Alan Campbell on the chairs?

And an old favourite for so many reasons...

Our weekend involves tennis (girls), yoga (me), rugby (All Blacks. Winning), and several birthday parties (girls). I hope you all have a very happy weekend wherever you are x.

All images via Pinterest here.


  1. Hello Annie:
    You show some wonderful fabrics here - some difficult choices lie ahead.

    It sounds as if you have a busy but enjoyable weekend coming up. Have great fun.

  2. A busy weekend for you all.

    My vote is the yellow one!

  3. Hello Annie! Love all of these, but esp. the yellow ikat - so sunny! Have a great week! xo