Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily

Yes, I made that cake and, if I do say so myself, it was rather pretty. Like every one of Lily's cakes for the last 3 years, it had to be made in the loveheart tin.

Ahem, and may I draw your attention to the height of that cake..

I apologise in advance for all my smugness, but every year I attempt to make the most simple cake and then blow it all by trying to decorate it, which turns into a disaster. Case in point, last year when the loveheart tin was transformed into an elephant which looked a little like a womble.

Okay, quite a lot like womble. Luckily, today's kids don't know about Orinoco and Madame Cholet so no verbal comparison was made, except by the husband.

Which brings me to the Easter Egg cake...

What was I thinking? I had an image in my mind and when it didn't materialise, I kept adding and adding and so forth.

The first loveheart tin creation, with a relatively simple flower decoration...

But back to Donna Hay's pink layer cake. See Exhibit A, below...

Exhibit A

Now, whilst the kids LOVED this cake and the parents thought I had hidden baking skills (I don't), this honestly, is the easiest cake I have ever made. I made the 4 layers in 2 batches, with Lily 'helping', at the same time I was getting their supper ready. Really! I made it earlier in the week, froze it, and pulled it out Friday morning when I iced it with the butter icing. Quite a lot of butter Donna Hay...the New Zealand dairy industry thanks you.

I'm sure Donna won't mind me sharing her recipe.

And here's the happy result...

All images my own, including scanned images from Donna Hay Kids Annual 2011.


  1. Best. Cake. Ever.

    Not sure blue would be quite so nice.

    And some of my favourite school girls (and school mums in the background). How I miss you all.... say hi for me.


  2. Hey we miss you too sweetie and your lovely boys, but you know once you're a Pegasus flyer you're always a Pegasus flyer!. I hear you have a Herne Bay visitor this week so have fun. Pink might not work in your house but this might... http://absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com/2011/05/great-cake.html. It's what Arabella wants for her 9th. Argh...A x.