Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Spring is officially here and despite the lack of sun today, isn't this spring blossom such a treat?

This tree belongs to my neighbour, Tracey - sorry sweetie, but you weren't home! Her kitchen looks out to it and it is looking beautiful.

I can remember as a young girl being driven to swimming coaching, sitting in the car and being so excited by the spring blossom. It meant daffodils and that it wouldn't be long before I saw tulips in the passing gardens. I loved watching the series of change in those gardens.

On another note, as I'm sure you know, Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge has released her first book, Design*Sponge at Home.

You just know this is going to be great. Louise over at Table Tonic has done a great review of it over on her blog, here. I have preordered my copy over at The Book Depository. At 15 squids, that's around 30 New Zealand rubles dollars. That's 6 flat whites!

Can I also skite that we are lunching with the All Blacks tomorrow? Do you think I'll be seated next to Dan Carter?

No, neither do I.

I hope you all have a very happy weekend x.

Images; blossom my own; Design*Sponge from here; Dan Carter from here.


  1. I would be SO tempted to lean over and pick a branch because it is such a stunning tree....naughty, naughty....

    Your season must be a little ahead of ours. Some of my plum trees are getting blossom, but the apples and cherries are only budding.

    Hope you enjoy your Black lunch tomorrow. Will they serve all black food, I wonder???

    Virginia x

  2. We have an apple and cherry tree in our front garden and they are both ony in bud too. I'm sure the odd branch wouldn't be missed, yet so appreciated in my home! Annie x.