Thursday, September 15, 2011

Debbie Harry Collection

I saw on this week's 1stdibs home page that Post Script Couture, the vintage fashion boutique, has released a 24 piece Debbie Harry Collection. If you're anywhere around my age (high thirties...), you'll remember being wowed by her belting out 'Heart of Glass'.

Debbie Harry Collection Patrick Kelly Leopard Print Dress
Debbie Harry Collection Gold Lurex Dress

Debbie Harry Collection 40's Floral Dress

Debbie Harry Collection Sheer 30's Dress (Designer Unknown)

Debbie Harry Collection Abaya Dress

Debbie Harry Collection Stephen Sprouse Suit

The collection is available for sale via 1stdibs with a portion of the proceeds going to Harry's environmental charity, Riverkeeper.

Just brings back memories of our school choir murdering 'The Tide Is High'. Our poor teachers...

All images via 1stdibs.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful collection. It would hae been great to have been able to purchase some of these lovely pieces.
    J xx

  2. Some of the dresses are quite beautiful aren't they? Goes to show how a great dress can be worn for years. I have a full length simple sheath dress I roll out for any black tie event that I bought when I was 25. I think I recall dancing on a bar the first time I wore it's a little more subdued! Annie x.