Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Party

Short and sweet today...we have a little girl turning 7 in our house this week and my mind is full of pink, sugar and fairies gearing up for the mayhem that is a house full of overexcited, over hyped young girls this afternoon.

I have taken on the task of making this cake for the birthday girl. I read recently that girls lose interest in pink once they turn 5. Not this one.

The husband gave me that raised eyebrow and said "being a little ambitious, don't you think?" Nice vote of confidence in my Martha Stewart skills.

I say this is ambitious:

Unfortunately, I do tend to form a picture in my mind of how things ought to look and when they don't turn out accordingly - and let's face it, they don't - I tend to get a little hysterical fraught.

However I believe the Donna Hay and Martha Stewart Gods are guiding me today and all will be good. The 18 girls will all be beautifully behaved and say 'please', thank you' and 'no, after you' at afternoon tea.

See what coffee can do? Have a lovely weekend x.

Images via Donna Hay Kids Annual 2011 and here.


  1. Happy Birthday to the big seven year old... only 18 girls??! Read this before you take on too much in the cake department -

    Just had a good long catch up on your blog and showed my nearly seven year old your pictures - love the ones with the ABs. I am going for them (very half-heartedly but much to the disgust of my other half) A x

  2. My daughter had a pink and blue party for her 5th birthday because she couldn't decide which colour she liked best. We expected all the girls to come in pink and the boys in blue - but a lot of the opposite happened! How they changed a few years later!

    Best of luck for the event - and do post the pictures of the cake especially. I have been wanting to make one of these multi-coloured ones but have to think of an excuse. Reminds me of the old harlequin cakes my grandmother used to make. Hey, that gives me an idea!!!

    I reckon you are MORE than capable of baking a cake of which Donna would be proud! Virginia x

  3. Hello:
    We are certain that you are going to have the most wonderful time with everything 'in the pink', so to speak. And your daughter as well. What fun it will all be and the cake will, most surely, turn out exactly as in the book.

  4. Thank you for all your lovely comments which really cheered me along on Friday! I'll post some photos of the party later today as it really was fun. The noise was monumental but the kids were all so lovely and I'm pretty sure, all had a great time. They just want sugar and a play with their mates really don't they?

    Ann...I laughed and laughed at your cake incident. I can so picture you doing that!

    Virginia - thanks for your belief in my cake making skills. The layer cake is the way to go! The easiest birthday cake I've ever made surprisingly.

    Jane and Lance - it was certainly very 'pink' and Lily said it was the best party ever so Pete and I feel very proud. Silly to fuss about a cake when I know that no one except me will worry how it looks! Thanks for your lovely wishes.

    Thank you and I will post pics later today. Annie x.