Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back from the Upholsterer

Finally - I found a target for my Zig Zag fixation! Ta dah...

The chairs were in pretty good condition when I bought them; just a little extra padding and a bottom lift required. I get it...

I had intended to paint the woodwork, but it was in much better condition than I thought; hardly a mark in fact. Drats...

I couldn't bring myself to paint them - I'll be seeking out something else for that project - and I decided that having the timber repolished would have made the chairs look too 'perfect' for my liking. I love the dullness of the aged finish against the gold Zig Zag.

I hope someone else agrees as these are meant to make it onto that online store I haven't got up and running yet.

The fabric is Zig Zag by Alan Campbell at Quadrille. It's a great contrast fabric and comes in a Petite Zig Zag too.

I am so happy with the detailing and quality of work. It is so lovely working with people who enjoy seeing the results as much as the client does.

Yes, even the dog is wondering why there are chairs on the front steps. This is Auckland and it rains. A lot.

I've just received notification of two more fabrics shipping from New York this week so there's more furniture going off to the upholsterer.

I think reviving 'old' pieces of furniture is one of the nicest parts of working with fabric. The possibilities are endless and it feels so good to see a sad old piece turned into something wonderful again. Well, I love it!

All images my own except 'before' shots, vendor's photos.


  1. Hello Annie:
    We are so pleased that you finally decided against painting the chairs. They look wonderful and are totally transformed. The material is, we feel perfect, and gives them a contemporary touch.

  2. Thank you Jane and Lance. I actually really appreciated your earlier comment about painting the frame and you were absolutely right. I am so happy with how they look...kind of happy I think!

  3. Gorgeous! I did laugh though... it looks as though the chairs are gathered on the front step trying to decide where to walk off to for a big night out in their finery...

  4. Don't you like my styling Ann?! It was more a case of...where on earth are these chairs going to go? Oh, front door step...remove girls shoes...Pete's trainers! Hope you're well my love x.