Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back from the Upholsterer

Ta da...

I bought this sofa recently...

It was actually quite lovely as it was; a little sad in the seat, a bit weary looking but still smiling. Yes, I'm still horrified by my photos yesterday!

So, off to the upholsterer we go. I took Rita Konig's advice on reinventing a sofa and replaced the old foam cushions with down. It is so worth it - both from a cosmetic and comfort perspective.

I had the timber frame restained and polished and added a vibrant Quadrille Print, Paradise Garden in Raspberry...

...et voila!

There is something so fulfilling about taking a 'pre-loved' piece of furniture, even if was loved by a stranger, and looking after it. Making it new to be loved all over again.

I am very happy with how the sofa has turned out and it makes me smile...I just make sure there's no cameras around!

All images my own.


  1. You are on a real roll of style here! First the ikat armchairs, and now this treasure. Who would have thought to put that fabric with that piece? It works amazingly well. Virginia x

  2. Absolutely delightful Annie!
    Well done and the fabric is stunning.
    And yes it is so rewarding to give an old piece new life.xx