Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fun

Not one of my current reupholstery projects...but the possibilities are endless!

I think I might do this...

To all the NZ and Australian women who will be rugby/league/AFL widows this weekend...have a very happy one. Annie x.

Images 1, 2 & 4 via Quadrille website; 3 from here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stop The Rain. Come Spring.

When there's no makeshift styling sessions going on, this is our front door step...

This little gem was produced by Lily (pre her new found 7 year old maturity...ahem...), at her school's Friday technology session. Actually, it's called something else that I can never remember but it involves frightening the living daylights out of parents at school pick up on a Friday afternoon when presented with timber monstrosities that often involve hireage of a truck to relocate. That and guns.

This little sign is a winner!

I think it was made mid winter, going by the message. Did I mention that Auckland is prone to rainfall?

Anyway, I had a bad/grumpy/'nothing ever goes right for me' day yesterday and today the sun is shining and the blossom is out on our cherry tree. All is good...except that debt crisis stuff I suppose.

I spotted this beach house on a local architect's site and I keep revisiting it...

A lot of 'beach houses' within reach of Auckland are more like 500 sqm glass palaces and I'm not a fan. Actually, I can't afford one so I'm not a fan. They are often squillion dollar builds designed to 'replicate the old kiwi bach'. Mmmm, I don't think so!

So when I saw this I initially thought it was another ho hum, polished concrete pad, but the more I look, I kinda like it's simplicity and sense of space. Okay, so I wouldn't have chosen a blue kitchen myself (blue kitchens and Kiwis - I'm going to do a post on that...), but I like it's 'feel'.

It seems an honest, calm space and what an outlook. It's on Waiheke Island, about an hour across the water from Auckland, and looks back towards the city.

I hope you all have a very happy day. I am going to! Annie x.

Image 1 my own; 2 via Jones Architects.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back from the Upholsterer

Finally - I found a target for my Zig Zag fixation! Ta dah...

The chairs were in pretty good condition when I bought them; just a little extra padding and a bottom lift required. I get it...

I had intended to paint the woodwork, but it was in much better condition than I thought; hardly a mark in fact. Drats...

I couldn't bring myself to paint them - I'll be seeking out something else for that project - and I decided that having the timber repolished would have made the chairs look too 'perfect' for my liking. I love the dullness of the aged finish against the gold Zig Zag.

I hope someone else agrees as these are meant to make it onto that online store I haven't got up and running yet.

The fabric is Zig Zag by Alan Campbell at Quadrille. It's a great contrast fabric and comes in a Petite Zig Zag too.

I am so happy with the detailing and quality of work. It is so lovely working with people who enjoy seeing the results as much as the client does.

Yes, even the dog is wondering why there are chairs on the front steps. This is Auckland and it rains. A lot.

I've just received notification of two more fabrics shipping from New York this week so there's more furniture going off to the upholsterer.

I think reviving 'old' pieces of furniture is one of the nicest parts of working with fabric. The possibilities are endless and it feels so good to see a sad old piece turned into something wonderful again. Well, I love it!

All images my own except 'before' shots, vendor's photos.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love It!

Love everything about this pic...

Being neither a sparkly, shiny things person, or one for jewellery particularly...

...I'm not sure why I love these images so much. Okay, that dress is fabulous!

Which made me think that whilst I don't immediately think to use gold, it can be so beautiful when applied sparingly. No gold taps!

Kelly Wearstler and gold...a whole 'nother chapter there...

Love the gold cushions used against the beautiful peacock blue of this bedroom.

I spied this door the left...on the bathroom door on our new house...

Not the type of gold accent I'm too comfortable with I'm afraid!

Images from here except last image from vendor's website.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Banquette Seating

I have spent far too much some time perusing banquette seating, thinking of all the fabric and chair combinations.

This one by Massucco Warner Miller is a favourite, for it's simplicity and sophisticated use of colour.

I know that whatever fabric I choose for our banquette seating, it will be printed on Sunbrella. Wipeable. Tick.

Am liking so much about this...the colour, the art, those chairs...some white paint and lashings of yellow would be very jolly!

I love the use of the sofa here, and what's not to love about that Zig Zag fabric by Alan Campbell on the chairs?

And an old favourite for so many reasons...

Our weekend involves tennis (girls), yoga (me), rugby (All Blacks. Winning), and several birthday parties (girls). I hope you all have a very happy weekend wherever you are x.

All images via Pinterest here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I may have to change my profile, as we have sold our house and will be moving again.

But wait, it's a local move...something very new to us! Our poor girls associate 'moving' with moving country/schools/friends and are somewhat traumatised by the phrase 'moving house'. Great parenting huh?

We had been thinking about selling, as we have had some minor improvements made, and we'd decided we don't want to take on the 'big renovation' that will be required to improve the layout for us in the next few years.

So one day a few weeks back, an estate agent knocked at the door with an offer. Odd as no one had been through! It was subject to the purchasers coming through and 'approving of' the property.

Well, they approved, we agreed, we have a long settlement and we won't need to go through the open home chaos. All good.

We'll be sad leaving this house but we'd love a pool, and to be quite blunt, we can't afford to do it just yet in this house. So we've bought this, just around the corner...

Okay, picture it white! Better?

It ticks all the boxes we were looking for in a new home:

  • close to the girls' school and all their/our friends
  • 4 bedrooms
  • separate living rooms for parents and kids
  • separate study/office
  • room for a pool
  • we could afford to put in that pool

Lots of ticks.

I am already thinking of all the things I can do to make the home 'ours'. Needless to say, it will involve fabric! But this is what makes me really happy...

See that flat back garden? Pool. Needed.

And that banquette to Pinterest...

Images: 1 from here; 2, 3, 4 & 5 from Estate Agents' sites.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love It!

I saw the work of the Porter Design Company featured on the lovely Melanie and Elizabeth's Ivy and Piper blog this morning and was well impressed with their lavish use of Quadrille Fabrics!

And how pretty is this picture?

As a fan of orange and blue, this makes me very happy. The blue is China Seas' Lyford Print in Blue.

The bolster is in another Quadrille fabric; Alan Campbell's Kells II in Brown/Sky.

I know I keep saying it, but it's the way these fabrics work together, even across collections, that is so beautiful and makes them so exciting to work with.

All images via Porter Design Company, except fabric swatches via Quadrille website.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily

Yes, I made that cake and, if I do say so myself, it was rather pretty. Like every one of Lily's cakes for the last 3 years, it had to be made in the loveheart tin.

Ahem, and may I draw your attention to the height of that cake..

I apologise in advance for all my smugness, but every year I attempt to make the most simple cake and then blow it all by trying to decorate it, which turns into a disaster. Case in point, last year when the loveheart tin was transformed into an elephant which looked a little like a womble.

Okay, quite a lot like womble. Luckily, today's kids don't know about Orinoco and Madame Cholet so no verbal comparison was made, except by the husband.

Which brings me to the Easter Egg cake...

What was I thinking? I had an image in my mind and when it didn't materialise, I kept adding and adding and so forth.

The first loveheart tin creation, with a relatively simple flower decoration...

But back to Donna Hay's pink layer cake. See Exhibit A, below...

Exhibit A

Now, whilst the kids LOVED this cake and the parents thought I had hidden baking skills (I don't), this honestly, is the easiest cake I have ever made. I made the 4 layers in 2 batches, with Lily 'helping', at the same time I was getting their supper ready. Really! I made it earlier in the week, froze it, and pulled it out Friday morning when I iced it with the butter icing. Quite a lot of butter Donna Hay...the New Zealand dairy industry thanks you.

I'm sure Donna won't mind me sharing her recipe.

And here's the happy result...

All images my own, including scanned images from Donna Hay Kids Annual 2011.