Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time To Come Clean...

You may, or may not, recall that I posted about being inspired by Rita Konig's use of colour in the entrance to the Manhattan House apartment she designed (you can see the apartment here).

Well, I had our 'entrance', such as it is, painted the same colour....a little while back...and have been avoiding posting the 'after' shots. I'm just not sure about it. I still have to have the lampshade recovered (and straightened), but here's some before and after shots - see what you think.

Before (I feel I need to make this clear)...

...and after...

I kinda like it but I kinda think it looks like I'm trying to be too 'retro' and that is a term that is so exhausted here in NZ that it just grates with me.

One of my 8 year old's friends came over and when Arabella was proudly (my words, not hers) pointing out her mother's clever work (ditto), the friend responded with "yes, I know this colour - my nana has it at her house".

Mmmmm, I don't think that is probably good. Anyway, that comment was kindly rewarded with a 'fruit only' afternoon tea, so all is fine.

I keep trying to figure out if this is quite right or not - it's certainly better than continuing the off white of the rest of the house - but in the meantime, I've ordered this:

Alan Campbell's Criss Cross Wallpaper in Yellow

Just in case.

All images my own, except wallpaper from here.


  1. Oh Annie I adore this colour! I don't care if it is nana or not, it just looks fabulously warm and welcoming to me. Go with your gut instinct!

    Although having spotted the wallpaper, I would be torn between the olive or the wallpaper....

    So, I know what, leave the glorious olive where it is. And use the wallpaper on the wall to the right, which looks like a corridor wall. That would be amazing! And the blue painting would positively jump off the yellow background. Just a thought...but you will figure it out though! It is SO much harder to do one's own place than a clients! Virginia x

  2. Thanks Virginia- I really appreciate your comment...and support! I must admit, I ordered the wallpaper thinking I could put it on a wall by the dining table (as I didn't have enough of the grasscloth that was meant to go there)! I never thought of putting the wallpaper on the corridor wall but I absolutely love the this space! Thank you. Annie x.