Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spring Flower Show (6 year old category)

I have just returned from a morning helping out at Lily's Year 2 Spring Flower Show. Obviously a little early this year, no doubt somehow related to the Rugby World Cup, which kicks off (ha ha) next week.

The children had to create a sand saucer, a miniature garden and a fruit and vegetable creation. Lily loves elephants. She insisted on making a vegetable elephant. Like last year. It didn't look like the one above. It never occurred to me to use baby beetroot - how clever. I She did use red cabbage for the ears though so big tick. Controlling. Me?

The kids were amazing. They happily shared what they had brought along and helped each other. I was amazed at what they could do on their own. I must take something away from that!

I'll leave you with some very clever fruit and vegetable creations. Ideas for next year???

Elephant image from here; all others from here;

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