Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something Different

I spied this room on the Quadrille Editorial page, and went looking for the vibrant print. Wrong! Quadrille also have a range of Woven Fabrics and the sofa above is covered in Chateau Velvet. Isn't it lovely?

Quadrille is known for it's bold geometric prints but the Quadrille Wovens range is a lovely collection of more traditional and textured designs.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Quadrille Libraria

Quadrille Oscar Linen Collection

Aspen Weave in Dark Grey

Sunset in Sage

Suzani in Red Black Gold on Beige

Twilight Stripe in Sky

The wonderful thing is, all these beautiful silks, linens and velvets look fabulous alongside the geometrics Quadrille is known for:

Cushion in China Seas Java Java

All images via the Quadrille website.


  1. Adore velvet covered sofas in, I think, almost any single colour. They are SO luxurious. But I am also a bit taken with those lovely lamps on the sofa table too. Virginia x

  2. Funny as I thought the same thing about the lamps. Aren't they fab? Agree about velvet sofas and the texture is so great in grounding a room. Linen too but not with my family (I was going to say kids but the husband's also an offender)! Ha ha! Annie x.