Monday, August 15, 2011


You know that cold snap I just mentioned? Well, Auckland??? I know!

This may not look like a very exciting snow flurry to most people, but it just doesn't snow in Auckland, at all. Rain, yes. Snow...never.

Note to self husband....those lawns need mowing.

Images my own.


  1. I was just driving back from a site visit Annie when I heard on the radio news that Auckland was possibly going to get snow. I was then wondering if you were going to get any - and you have answered my question! Crazy, crazy stuff!

    Amazing images and I also have to say your garden is scrumptious. From the timber gate, the dark grey wall and the little box (?) hedge, I love it all.
    Virginia x

  2. Thanks Virginia. We've had some work done in the front garden and it is looking smarter now. The snow didn't last much longer than my 'photo shoot', but enough to cancel my daughter's netball...yippee!