Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perfect For A Sunny Day

I know this picture has been doing the rounds of the Blogosphere, but after the 'arctic blast' we've had the last few days, the sun is now out, and the fabulous colours in here are speaking to me.

So too are those orange cushions as they're in Alan Campbell's Meloire Reverse:

This room features in the September edition of House Beautiful (US) and is by designer Mona Ross Berman:

Mona's profile states that she is an ex lawyer 'who decided to do what she loved full time'. As a 'second career' designer myself, I love reading about others on a similar path. I used to work in Funds Management but always knew it was a 'job' not a vocation. I didn't find it easy to step out into what I wanted to do, but working with beautiful fabrics and wallpapers like Quadrille and being able to fit that into our family life, is pretty special.

I also think that skills from a former career can translate into what one does next. So all those years wearing a suit weren't in vain! In fact, working in the City when I was younger was tough, but exciting too. But kids come along, life changes and I feel very fortunate to be having a second career.

Look at what Mona has done with hers - I love all the colour!

Images 1 & 2 via Quadrille Fabrics; all others via Mona Ross Berman.

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  1. Everything in life is a valuable experience, all "grist in the mill" as they say. And the more varied a person's life was before becoming a designer, the better in terms of the design outcome, I think. Virginia x