Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ode To A Few Palms

We are having some major tree removal done in our garden today, so I thought I would post a pretty picture of some lovely palms to assuage my guilt at the ones coming down today. Unfortunately, our palms had become so big and scrappy that they were dropping fronds on and around the girls' cubby house. We have 10 palms in total, with an outlook to others, and we're keeping the ones with the hanging beads which are just lovely.

The upside is that there is a water view hiding behind those palms. I'll share some before and afters when the deed is done.

PS - the noise is horr-en-dous, and then my 8 year old says "mummy, I've worked out what instrument I'd like to play - the drums". Yes, very nice, we'll discuss it later. Much later.

Image from here.


  1. Still chuckling at this post Annie!

    I love using the seed pods of palms as table decorations - such an awesome texture. But they are very messy plants, so you have my sympathy. Virginia x

  2. Thanks Virginia as have felt guilty all day with the noise of the chainsaws. Kinda loving that view though...My girls love the pods to fill with water and make a swimming pool for the garden fairies! We have had to leave one manky plant by the cubby as it is apparently home to Poppy, The Garden Fairy!